Peter James Quirk
"Trail of Vengeance" is a classic tale of good and evil, racing downhill to the last page.
"Peter James Quirk is a master of pacing. He drops breadcrumbs at all the right moments. The action is physical, emotional, intellectual and a lots of fun".

Kirt Zimmer

"A legitime pager-turner with believable characters."

Joseph Levy, author of Operation Damascus

"...more twists and turns than a downhill slalom course to a conclusion that leave the reader wishing for more."

Remington Wright, Editor PKA's Advocate

From New York to the Champs Elysées, and from the Catskills to the Alps, this page-turner follows Detective Lisa Rossi as she relentlessly tracks down the killers of her former partner--and learns from her new love that the world is bigger than she ever imagined.

Roger E. Hernandez, syndicated columnist and author of Cubans in America