Peter James Quirk
Peter James Quirk

Peter James Quirk  is an adventurer at heart who has traveled the world. He was born and educated in England in the aftermath of World War II.

At various times he has taught English in France, taught skiing in both France and Austria,and spent several years at sea as a fisherman and with the British Merchant Marine.

When he settled in the U.S. he became a building contractor, a profession that gave him the opportunity to spend his winters skiing and snowboarding. He owns a ski chalet in the Catskill Mountains and has taught skiing at Windham Mountain for more than twenty years.

Peter took to writing after selling his business several years ago-his most interesting assignment to date was writing for a French Chef on a Chinese cable television channel.

Hes won a literary award for short story writing in January 2005. "Trail of Vengeance" is his first novel.

Peter James Quirk is a member of the prestigious organization "Mystery Writers of America".


Editing credential:

Several years ago, whilst working as a mentor for the New York chapter of MWA (Mystery Writers of America) Peter reviewed the manuscript of a retired Eastern Airlines pilot named George Jehn. They subsequently became friends,
and when he asked Peter to review and edit a non-fiction manuscript he was working on, Peter readily agreed. This manuscript-an indictment of the demise of Eastern Airlines, and Frank Borman, the former astronaut CEO of Eastern-will be published in September, 2014.