Peter James Quirk
I am currently working on two other projects, either of which may become my second novel. One is a sequel to “Trail of Vengeance,” the working title of which is “Vengeance is Mine.” The story follows Detective Lisa Rossi as she delves into the world of art fraud and theft, while at the same time a violent death that occurs on a Manhattan street right beside her, leaves her wondering if she is an unknown assassin’s target.

The second project is more personal, and, although it is not autobiographical, it does include a few elements of my own life. It is the story of an orphan of World War II and his quest to find his roots, and the working title is “Beware the Fury,” which is taken from a quotation by John Dryden the English poet and playwright (1631-1700): “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

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Vengeance is nime